Designing Partial Bill Payment feature

LazyPay (PayU)

My Role:

Product design, Prototyping, User testing


Everybody knows that making the business profitable is not that easy but being profitable eventually is the ultimate goal for every business. and to achieve that level, more & more revenue channels are required. For this purpose, we decided to bring the partial bill payment option. Here we gave an option to pay custom bill amount by charging them a small interest amount on the carry forwarded amount.

How is it useful to our users?:

Also there were around 7% users(average of past 12 billing cycles) who are paying the bill after due date. This feature can be very useful to these users as they can avoid late fees by paying partial bill amount.

LazyPay billing cycle

I explained the LazyPay billing cycle structure in the image given below.

Problem statement:

Redesign the " Choose repayment amount " - screen such that the users can easily choose the repayment amount & can understand the consequences for paying the selected amount. Previous design is shown in the image below.


These are some of the explorations I tried for the Choose repayment amount screen.

Types of Sliders:

So as you can see in the above explorations, there are 3 type of sliders.

1) Vertical 2) Circular 3) Horizontal.

After analysing pros & cons of each slider, I decided to move forward with the Horizontal slider.

User testing & Takeaways:

This is the Prototype that I created using Protopie for user testing.

I tested this prototype with 9 people (Users & friends).

Based on the feedback, I identified that users do not care about available limit at this point, they are most interested in interest amount charge which will be applied after partial bill payment. So improved the summary section where I removed available limit after repayment & gave more weightage to the interest charge & carry forward amount. And made this interaction change - the whole summary section will appear only if selected amount is less than due amount.

Also I made few visual improvements. I changed the position of edit icon because it was looking disconnected earlier.I decreased the size of payment method section and highlighted the slider with our secondary colour.

Final design:

Feature introduction:

To introduce this new repayment feature I had made this animated interstitial which explains how users can change the bill amount they want to pay. We showed this intro to our users during the Bill pending time range as this feature is about repayment.


Note : All the users are not eligible for the partial bill payment because of the Risk and compliance requirement. In the above graph. I have only considered the eligible users who has due amount > 500.

PayU award:

The entire team of partial bill payment feature got the "PayU's ThankU award" as it was the most impactful project of the year.